How to get to Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island
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Genshin Impact Inazuma

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Wondering how to get to Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact? A new island isn't the only addition with the 2.2 update—if you check your in-game mail, you should find Aloy, the new five-star Cryo archer. And, of course, the Farewell to Snezhnaya banner is also back, giving you the chance to wish for Childe (Tartaglia) if you've missed out on him previously.

Tsurumi is the last of the islands found in Inazuma. It's located to the southeast of Seirai Island, and if you've tried getting there via Windrider, you likely haven't had a lot of success thanks to the mist that has settled there. With that in mind, here's how to complete the Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island fog puzzle.

Genshin Impact new island: How to get there 

While it's possible to use a Windrider to reach the island, you're going to run into trouble if you try exploring the area, thanks to the ever-thickening fog that teleports you away if you remain there too long.

First, you need to head to Inazuma City and start the Through the Mist world quest. If you can't find it in your quest log, make sure you've completed the Seirai Stormchasers world quest on Seirai Island first. After speaking to Katheryne at the Adventurer's Guild, you'll need to talk to Sumida, then find Kama in Ritou. Once you've spoken with them, you'll be teleported to Tsurumi Island.

Once you arrive, you'll find that the mist is still an obstacle. Lanterns can help you explore, and staying near them will stop you from getting lost. White lanterns will keep you safe, and those with a purple glow can be activated by hitting them with an Electro ability.

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Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island fog puzzle: How to find the feathers 

Once you reach the island, you'll need to locate Ruu. He's marked on the map, but be sure to use the lanterns to guide you once you get to areas with thicker fog. 

When you finally reach him—and after a bit of chatter—you'll need to interact with the Great Thunderbird's Perch, a nearby tree. Three orbs will fly out from the tree, and these are the feathers you'll need to collect. They're marked on the minimap and close by, so they should be easy to find. Once you've got them, interact with the tree again to clear the mist from the immediate area.

Once that's done, head to the Ceremonial Site, marked on the map. Next, your task is to visit three more perches to make offerings. The locations for these are (or check the map above):

  • Autake Plains
  • Shirikoro Peak
  • Chirai Shrine

As these areas are shrouded in mist, you'll need to use the lanterns to help you reach them and watch out for enemies. Again, interact with the perch in each location, then collect the feathers and make the offering. Whenever you do this, the mist will clear from the area. 

Chirai Shrine perch location. (Image credit: miHoYo)

Chirai Shrine

The tree is located on top of a rocky outcrop at the northwest corner of the small island where the shrine is located. You'll find Ruu and his friend here so talk to them before interacting with the tree.

The feathers are marked on your minimap as they were before but these can be tricky to find. The first feather is to the south of the perch, down inside a square-shaped hole in the ground. Climb out of the hole and head slightly south, past the wall. You should see the second feather glowing to your right (west). Enemies will spawn when you try to interact with it so be prepared.

The third feather is located on near the perch. When you try to interact with it, it will float away. Use the nearby phase gate to reach it. It will elude you again but when it lands, interact with it and return to the perch. 

Autake Plains perch location. (Image credit: miHoYo)

Autake Plains

The perch here is really easy to spot from the waypoint near it. When you get close, enemies will spawn so deal with them before speaking with Ruu and interacting with the tree. 

The first feather is on the ground, just to the north of the perch. Enemies will spawn when you drop down so fight them before interacting with the feather. The second feather is just to the east of the perch, near more enemies—you'll need to use the nearby Electrogranum to get to it. The third feather is on top of the hut to the south of the perch. Once you've collected them all, interact with the tree. 

Shirikoro Peak perch location. (Image credit: miHoYo)

Shirikoro Peak

This perch is in a cave at the base of the mountain. You can see the entrance from the nearby waypoint. Speak to Ruu again and interact with the tree. You'll need to drain the water from the area below to get these feathers. Find the three Seelie nearby and direct them towards the three pedestals next to the perch. Once all three are in place, the water will drain away.

Head down into the area that has now been drained. You can pick up the first feather here but the others will float away. There are more enemies down here so deal with them before moving on. 

To get the second feather, pick up the relay stones here and line them up so they're connected to the two crystals on either side. This will spawn a chest and allow you to use the switch here to open the circular door. Take care of the enemy on the other side, then approach the third feather to see it fly away through another circular door.

Now you'll need to find three Seelie—one is hidden behind a breakable wall to the southwest of the door if you're having trouble finding it. Once all three are in place, water will drain from the area below. You'll now need to use the relay crystals to send beams to the crystals by the door. Another chest will appear and you'll be able to use the switch here. Go through to grab the third feather.  

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