Genshin Impact is finally becoming a real game by adding fishing in 2.1

An image of a serene blue and purple grove of trees, concept art from Genshin Impact. There is a pool of water in the foreground.
(Image credit: MiHoYo)

A leak from the beta of Genshin Impact 2.1 has revealed that the prominent free-to-play RPG is going to get fishing mechanics. The leak, via several sources but focused around the relatively reputable Genshin Report, says that the 2.1 update will include Watasumi island, part of an archipelago near the mainland, and possibly Seirai island as well. As is often the case with Genshin, these new areas are hinted at or mentioned by previous characters but cannot be visited until the update.

This makes it look like 2.1 is another huge content patch, continuing the absolute firehose of major updates that Genshin Impact has gotten this year.

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As with all leaks, this isn't confirmed until the developer—in this case miHoYo—confirms that it's true with a proper announcement. Take it with a grain of salt and expect things to change during development should the leak prove true.

This leak follows a leak, yesterday, of characters who may be included in update 2.1, named Baal, Kokomi, and Sara. That leak was also widely publicized by Genshin Report.

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Did you know that a sprawling RPG of any kind really isn't complete until it has a fishing minigame? This is a scientific fact, proven by James Nintendo in 1986. I'm glad that all this time after release Genshin is finally taking the steps needed to become a real video game by adding the vital, timeless practice of fishing.


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