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'Garbage town builder' Flotsam mixes survival and city building in new trailer

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Last year we caught a GIF-y glimpse of Flotsam, a city builder set in an oceanic world, back when it was so early in development that Pajama Llama Games didn't even have a release date in mind. It's since evolved into an interesting little game published by Kongregate and due to arrive on Steam in 2019, as evidenced by its new trailer. 

Flotsam is part city sim and part survival game. It's set in a never-ending ocean, so you have to build your town from driftwood, flotsam and whatever garbage floats by in the waves. Hence the nickname, "The Happy-Go-Lucky Garbage Town Builder." Once you cobble together a respectable floating town, you can strap some sails on that bad boy and take it around the world to hunt for new resources or plunder underwater cities. 

You also need to support and oversee the citizens of your garbage town, your "drifters," by providing food and water and putting them to work. They can collect rainwater, hunt for fish, or scoop up more building materials caught in the tide. It's hard work from the looks of this guy's furrowed brow: 

Here are some other shots featuring Flotsam's distinctive cel-shaded art and cartoonish characters: