Peanut Butter the dog finishes Ken Griffey Jr speedrun at SGDQ with a walk-off home run in extra innings

Still image of Peanut Butter the speedrunning dog from SGDQ promotional video
(Image credit: Peanut Butter (via JSR))

A lot has happened at this year's Summer Games Done Quick speedrunning showcase, and there's a lot left to come. But I really don't think any part of it is going to top this: Peanut Butter the speedrunning dog, whose appearance at Summer Games Done Quick last night left me thoroughly baffled until I figured out that he is literally a dog, finished his Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball "win a game" speedrun with a walk-off home run in extra innings.

SGDQ issued a warning in advance that access to this particular run would be restricted once it began to ensure "the most comfortable environment," which makes a lot more sense when you realize the speedrunner in question is, in fact, the shiba inu who previously completed a Gyromite run at Awesome Games Done Quick in January. The puppy is not unprecedented.

Can a dog play baseball? I can only assume that someone checked into it and determined there ain't no rule says he can't. But he does require a little help: Peanut Butter uses a modified controller for the job, which is basically a big button (done up like a baseball, naturally) that PB bops as guided by speedrunning partner JSR_. So it's not conventional gameplay in the strictest sense, but on the other hand Peanut Butter does not have thumbs or an evolved prefrontal cortex. I'd call it a fair balance, all in all.

You will probably not be surprised to hear that the house was packed:

The doggo went down by one in the early innings of the game but, despite a baserunning error that cost an out, managed to manufacture a couple runs in the sixth to take the lead.

But it wasn't over: Minnesota came back to tie the game and send it into extra innings, tied at three-all. Finally, in the bottom of the 12th, Peanut Butter hit a rope down the right-field line to set up the winning run with one out. But small ball to get the runner over was not the plan: With the next batter—none other than Griffey Jr. himself—Peanut Butter hit a monster shot over the left field wall to bring in two, winning the game 5-3 and completing the run.

The crowd, needless to say, went wild.

The time of 29:48 was well behind Peanut Butter's previous mark of 21:22, set in January. Even so, everyone agreed the very good boy was the hero of the day. "I am so proud of this dog, man," JSR_ tweeted after the run was finished. "This is the greatest moment of both of our lives. What a doggo."

Peanut Butter even got to sign the wall.

This is obviously a highlight, but it's not the only big thing to happen at this year's SGDQ: Games Done Quick also announced yesterday that it has now surpassed $50 million raised for charity by GDQ events. And there's still lots to see in this one: Summer Games Done runs until July 7 and has upcoming speedruns of games including Metal Gear Solid 4, Levelhead, Baldur's Gate 3, and Elden Ring.

You can watch Peanut Butter's full SGDQ 2024 speedrun below:

Ken Griffey Jr. Presents MLB by Peanut Butter the Dog & JSR_ in 29:48 - Summer Games Done Quick 2024 - YouTube Ken Griffey Jr. Presents MLB by Peanut Butter the Dog & JSR_ in 29:48 - Summer Games Done Quick 2024 - YouTube
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