Gamestop PC Spring Sale offers deep discounts on big-name games

Gamestop has been pretty quiet in the PC game marketplace for a few years, but suddenly they're up and swinging: Gamestop's PC Spring Sale has a ton of games on sale and new deals popping up daily. Some of the deals are pretty sweet.

If you've missed out on some of the must-have games of the last few years, most of them are here waiting for you. The entire Mass Effect Trilogy can be yours for $10, Tropico 4 is a mere $4, and SimCity is up for $15—and you're now free to enjoy the new offline mode on that last one.

There was once a time when the release of a major game would find us lined up, perhaps sitting on the cold tile floor of a gloomy mall, waiting for the local Gamestop to open. Times changed pretty dramatically after Steam started to become A Really Big Deal, and the PC section of the venerable retailer slowly began to shrink. Gamestop and PC gamers just sort of walked away from each other. The last time I walked into a Gamestop, the only thing I could find to spend money on was a Steam gift card, naturally.

It's nice to see the old dog up and in the fight, and of course more competition means better deals and lower prices for us. Go let Gamestop know you appreciate it. US-based customers only, I'm afraid.