Palworld reveals 4 of the 'many more' new Pals coming in its summer update

Palworld, the survivalcraft sensation from earlier this year, has just revealed a bit more of what's coming in that summer update it's been planning. During today's ID@Xbox showcase, Pocketpair revealed four new Pals that are coming this year. It isn't a long trailer, but it does include about 20 solid seconds of new Pal and weapon reveals.

There's a squat, round frog wizard casting water bubbles, an ostrich-like bird with earth attacks, what appears to be a martial artist hare, and a mushroom-capped dinosaur that looks like a small, green Relaxaurus. We've not seen any of their names yet though, so that part remains a mystery. You can also spot a player using a flamethrower—a real one, not a Foxparks being wielded as one with its special Pal ability—and high-tech looking rifles, both of which look like they'll be new additions in the same update. 

"We are planning to add many more new Pals," Pocketpair's community manager said in a message to players on its Discord server, "This is just a teaser of some that you will get to meet in an upcoming update!"

Pocketpair released its Palworld roadmap earlier this year not long after the game's launch, in which it mentions adding new Pals, islands, bosses, and technology. It's also been planning the Palworld PvP arena which was teased earlier this month. Pocketpair hasn't set an intended date for the summer update yet, but with reveals coming pretty quickly on one another's heels, it's clearly getting pretty close at hand.

Lauren Morton
Associate Editor

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