Palword's PvP arena is coming this year with 3v3 action Pal battles

Creature collecting and survival crafting game Palworld took the internet, and my own nightly gaming time, totally hostage at the beginning of this year. People like the Pals, and not least because it was a Pokémon-inspired open world game. Now officially on the list of other Pokémon-derived features is a Pal Arena that Pocketpair revealed exactly 10 seconds of footage for during today's Triple I Initiative showcase.

This was already a known feature, appearing on the Palworld early access roadmap as "Pal Arena (PvP for Pals)." It's no surprise that folks are hollering for a head to head mode in a creature collecting game and the comparisons to Pokémon Colosseum will abound, I'm sure.

In those scant seconds of footage you can see two players facing off in an arena with a team of three pals apiece. Interestingly, this shows several Pals all fighting in the arena at once while players circle around offering additional gunfire support. In Palworld currently, you can only have one member of your Pal team summoned at a time while exploring the world or in a boss fight. It looks like in the arena you'll have a set team of three all simultaneously taking part in a big melee. 

I will expect players way more into the meta than I am to develop some seriously specific strategies that are even more cheesy than the way I often recall and then re-summon my Pals during boss fights to avoid certain AOE attacks.

That's all we know about the Pal Arena so far based on the very short trailer. There's no date given for the feature, just that it's coming sometime this year. Likely it will continue having incremental updates in the meantime, like the latest Palworld update earlier this month which introduced its first endgame raid boss fight.


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