How to complete the Fire Knight Queelign quest and use the Prayer Room Key in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Elden Ring Queelign quest
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The Elden Ring Queelign quest is an easy one to miss while exploring the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, especially if you don't happen to meet him as an invader, or you don't defeat him twice in order to get the Prayer Room Key needed to properly complete it. This fanatical Fire Knight is one of Messmer's elite soldiers, but unlike the others who have turned away from Marika, he's still desperately trying to do her bidding.

Apparently her bidding is murdering you. Fire Knight Queelign will invade you multiple times in the game, but should you beat him, you can pursue his very own quest. Here I'll explain how to complete Fire Knight Queelign's quest and use the Prayer Room Key you'll get from his second invasion.

Elden Ring Queelign quest steps

Here's a basic rundown of Fire Knight Queelign's quest and the steps you need to complete:

  • Defeat Fire Knight Queelign when he invades in Belurat, Tower Settlement
  • Defeat Fire Knight Queelign when he invades in the Church of the Crusade in west Scadu Altus
  • After he's been defeated in both locations you'll get the Prayer Room Key
  • Use the Prayer Room Key to unlock the Prayer Room in the Church District of the Shadow Keep in Scadu Altus to find Queelign
  • Acquire the Iris of Grace from Specimen Storage in the Shadow Keep and/or the Iris of Occultation from the Fort of Reprimand in south Scadu Altus
  • Give Queelign one of the irises depending on which quest outcome you want

It's a fairly simple quest, but it requires a bit of legwork if you want the best outcome.

Fire Knight Queelign's first invasion

The first time you're likely to meet Fire Knight Queelign is shortly after the Small Private Altar site of grace in the Belurat, Tower Settlement legacy dungeon. If you go up the stairs, where the patrolling Hornsent Warrior is, and then turn right down the street, you'll reach a small courtyard with a tree and some grave markers.

Queelign will berate you a bit and then invade to attack. He isn't all that hard to beat, but like any Fire Knight, he has some annoying Messmer flame spells. Kick his ass and he'll drop the Crusade Insignia talisman that raises attack after you defeat an enemy. Also make sure to grab the Ash of War: Shriek of Sorrow from behind the statue in the courtyard while you're there.


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Fire Knight Queelign's second invasion

You won't see Queelign for a while after that, but once you arrive in Scadu Altus, you can reunite with your favourite invader. Head to the Church of the Crusade to the west of the region—it's a big ruined church that's rather hard to miss. Once inside, Queelign will invade again, so go through the motions of messing him up.

He'll drop Ash of War: Flame Skewer, but more importantly, if this is the second time you've defeated him, he'll drop the Prayer Room Key. Equally, if this is the first time you found him, head back to Belurat, Tower Settlement—described above—and beat him there to get the key.

How to use the Prayer Room Key

As mentioned in the description, the Prayer Room Key unlocks a sideroom in the Church District of the Shadow Keep in Scadu Altus. The easiest way to get to this is via the east entrance to the keep that you can see on the map. To get there, go down through the smaller crater in Moorth Ruins—east of the Highroad Cross—and you'll come out in the Bonny Village on the plateau below. Now simply follow the road up and around to the Church District Highroad site of grace, then into the district itself.

Thankfully, the path through the Church District is very linear, so it's almost impossible to miss the Prayer Room, but specifically, look out for when you drop through the church roof onto the rafters—the locked door is just on the walkway around the flooded centre of the building. Now open the door to find an unhappy Queelign wondering why Marika has abandoned him. 

Before you leave, make sure to carry on through the church and past the Fire Knights to the elevator so you can activate the Storehouse, Back Section site of grace. It's the closest one and you'll need to return here.

Iris of Grace or Iris of Occultation?

Your choice of iris will change what reward you get (Image credit: FromSoftware)

So, how do you get Fire Knight Queelign to stop being sad about Marika? There are two items you can give to him and each will result in a different quest outcome. You don't need to gather both necessarily, so I'll list the quest reward you get based on either option, then you can jump to the next bit to find out where to get the one you want to use:

  • Iris of Grace: This gives you the Fire Knight Queelign Spirit Ash for summoning
  • Iris of Occultation: This gives you the Queelign's Greatsword weapon

If you're more interested in the narrative outcomes of completing the quest, jump to the end where I'll describe the exact specifics of what both irises do to Queelign.

How to get the Iris of Grace

You can find the Iris of Grace in the Specimen Storehouse area of the Shadow Keep. If you unlocked the Storehouse, Back Section grace I mentioned earlier, it's fairly easy to reach from there:

  • Jump down from the walkway into the centre of the room and activate the Storehouse, First Floor site of grace
  • Take a left from there and a left again into a room with a small elevator just after it—take this down
  • Hang a right at the bottom of the lift into a carpeted corridor, then take a left onto the balcony that the pot man runs out of
  • You'll see a long chamber with beds and pot men, and directly below you at the base of the balcony is the Iris of Grace

How to get the Iris of Occultation

You can find the Iris of Occultation at the Fort of Reprimand in south Scadu Altus. 

  • Take the road south from the Moorth Ruins to find the fort entrance
  • In the main courtyard with the gallows and the Omenkiller enemy, head to the left side and look for a hole you can jump down into a corpse pit
  • Just around the corner you'll find another Omenkiller enemy; kill this guy to get the Iris of Occultation

Using an iris on Fire Knight Queelign

Now you're equipped with your iris of choice, go back to Fire Knight Queelign and talk to him. You'll now have the option to put the iris on his eye to change what he sees:

  • Use the Iris of Occultation and he'll die. Thinking he's been abandoned by Marika and having lost all sight of the light of grace, he'll just kinda lose the will to live. As mentioned, he will drop his fancy greatsword, though.
  • Use the Iris of Grace and he'll voluntarily become a spirit. This ending is a bit creepier as Fire Knight Queelign promises to kill Marika's enemies and then voluntarily binds himself to you as a Spirit Ash you can summon—a little like what Latenna does in the main game.

Whichever you choose, that's the end of Fire Knight Queelign (and his quest).

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