How to complete Strongarm Tactics in WoW Remix

WoW Strongarm Tactics - general nazgrim is standing at a cave entrance with a blood elf player standing next to him
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The Strongarm Tactics quest is one you'll encounter pretty quickly when you dive into World of Warcraft's new limited-time mode, WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria. If you've done any questing in Jade Forest in the past, you'll likely recognise this quest, but things get a bit tricky once you get partway through.

The quest tasks you with locating and taking out four named NPCs. The first two are easy to find as they are both marked on the map but, after you kill the second, you might have a hard job pinpointing the final targets. This is likely a bug and may well be hotfixed at some point but, until then, here's where to find Master Engineer Cogswing and Gyro-Mechanic Lavenderp.

WoW Strongarm Tactics: Where to find Cogswing and Lavenderp 

You pick up the Strongarm Tactics quest once you've killed Krom inside the cave, to the southeast of Honeydew Village. General Nazgrim will show up shortly after and take up a position at the entrance, and this is who gives you the quest. 

The four NPCs you need to kill are:

  • Morgus Grimhatchet
  • Corporal Jackson
  • Master Engineer Cogswing
  • Gyro-Mechanic Lavenderp

You'll spot the marker for Grimhatchet as soon as you open your map. Once he's been dispatched, another marker will show up with Jackson's location, inside the tower at the Strongarm Airstrip. 

As mentioned above, no map marker is present for Cogswing and Lavenderp, but handily, they hang out together, just up the hill from the cave where you picked up the quest. The yellow dot will show up on the minimap once you get close so you can pinpoint their exact location easily enough. The screenshots above will help if you're having trouble.

Once you've taken both of them out, return to General Nazgrim to receive your reward of XP, gold, and a Cache of Infinite Treasure.

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