Asked whether Grand Theft Auto 6 will come to PC, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick says Rockstar 'will make more announcements in due time'

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick
(Image credit: Bloomberg)

Earlier this month, Grand Theft Auto 6 saw its release date narrowed down to autumn 2025, but there's still no confirmation over whether the game will launch on PC. Indeed, the question of a PC version was recently posed to Take-Two Interactive's CEO Strauss Zelnick. His response was typically cryptic, but it seems to suggest that Rockstar's hugely anticipated sequel will eventually arrive on the platform.

As reported by VGC, Zelnick was being interviewed at a TD Cowen conference, when he was asked whether the lack of an announcement was set in stone. Initially, Zelnick dances around the question, instead focussing on the minor point over whether it's possible to confirm the absence of an announcement.

"The lack of an announcement is not something that could be set in stone near as I could tell," he said. "Because the only thing that happens after the lack of an announcement is an announcement, I suppose, or the continuing lack of an announcement. I guess that could happen too. It doesn't seem to me that either would be set in stone."

The rest of his answer was slightly more direct. Or at least, less indirect. "Rockstar has an approach to platforms which we've seen before, and they will make more announcements in due time," he continued. "I do believe that the right strategy for our business is to be where the consumer is, and historically what this company has done is address consumers anywhere they are, or any platform, that makes sense, over time."

Basically, Zelnick is telling people to look at the patterns. As far back as Grand Theft Auto 3, Rockstar has always released its games on console first, then brought them to PC later. Zelnick has previously discussed why this is the case too, explaining in December last year that Rockstar doesn't have a hard and fast strategy when it comes to porting games to PC. "It depends on the vision that the creative teams have for a title," he said. "We might bring it in its original form, we've done that, and in certain instances we might remaster or remake, so it really depends on the title and how the label feels about it, the platform, and what we think the opportunity is for customers."

Reading between the lines, it sounds like Rockstar treats the PC version of its games as a separate project, taking what it's built for tried and tested consoles, then looking at what it can get out of the more advanced and more diverse range of PC hardware, to judge how best to approach a PC port.

This doesn't guarantee that GTA 6 will come to PC—Rockstar skipped the platform for the original Red Dead Redemption—but with Zelnick talking about future announcements, it does seem highly likely that GTA 6 will arrive on the platform eventually. Unless they're going to announce that they're not announcing it, of course. But Zelnick doesn't appear to think that's possible.