Gray Zone Warfare's first patch aims to fix over 200 issues, including one that doomed players to never-ending menu music

In Gray Zone Warfare, an assault rifle-wielding private military contractor advances through a field. Other combatants follow behind, while a scout helicopter flies in the distance.
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Despite a shaky launch during which some players reported performance nightmares, Gray Zone Warfare's latest patch has apparently fixed over 200 issues players were encountering.  

Some of the most highly asked-for fixes include an issue that meant grenades could detonate in your base, killing you and the AI and giving passersby a chance to take all your loot, as the patch notes state: "Added safeguards to prevent exploiting of grenades to kill players and AI in FOB.". There's also a small note that points to "an issue where the main menu song would keep playing after joining a server" which is now also fixed. 

Other widely requested changes included foliage that seemed as strong as concrete. Some players could hide behind shrubs, which blocked oncoming bullets like bullet-proof grass, which isn't massively realistic—at least not for any bushes I've encountered. "Yesterday, the bulletproof foliage saved me," one player says in a Reddit thread. "It won’t be missed, though."

While many are happy with the changes made, a few players do point out that the patch notes don't seem long enough to tackle 200 issues: "Where's the rest of the patch notes? That's not even 1/4 of 200." 

In response to this, there's some theorising that instead of major changes, many of the fixes come from "minor things that are not mentioned," one player suggests. "Anyway, pretty disappointing patch, in my opinion. It's more a 'bigger hotfix' than a patch. Many people left because of performance issues, rubberbanding, annoying helis, gear/progress loss, and insane AI. I'm not seeing any fix to those problems." 

However, Grey Zone Warfare says it'll be taking aim at these issues in the not-so-distant future: "While our first major update, featuring the Day/Night cycle and more, is coming later this year, we are committed to releasing additional patches to continually enhance optimization and stability … Our focus is on reducing rubber banding and ensuring stable performance across all regions. Patch 2 is just around the corner. Stay tuned, and thank you for playing Gray Zone Warfare! Thanks for being with us."

So, while these 200 and something fixes may not address everything that players find difficult about Gray Zone Warfare, there's a good chance that the problems will be addressed eventually. At the end of the day, Gray Zone Warfare is still navigating early access, so issues like these are part of the usual pre-release growing pains.

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