Gameplay footage of humongous open-world boss fights in Rift's next expansion

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Rift is on a roll. Massive-scale open world-style PvP is on the test server and a brand new expansion is just around the corner with new continents that triple the world's landmass .

Massively spotted a livestream of some of the Storm Legion expansion's content, and it has one of the craziest open-world boss fights I've ever seen.

During the livestream, the developers showed off multiple areas on the new continents including deserts, plant-infested ruins, and clockwork dungeons. But the most impressive part was a mammoth-sized golem/monster boss fused with electricity goes crazy and starts smashing down walls in the open world.

That's not just a pretty effect either: when you force the boss to bash down that wall, it unlocks a new zone in the world filled with quests, crafting recipes, and other goodies. So how do you force this guy to go Jericho on the zone? You have to wear him down in combat--and that fight looks amazing.

Different parts of Volan's body can be targeted and destroyed, which will affect the way that the boss fights you. You can use catapult weapons and platforms to launch yourself into the air and collide with the boss for special one-time abilities that deal massive damage to it.

You can watch more Storm Legion footage on our site. No release date has been announced yet.