Rift expansion details teased with mysterious puzzle box


We received an interesting package today at the PC Gamer offices: a wooden box labeled "A Storm is Brewing." Given that I was a world-class detective before taking the intern gig here, I was tasked with determining what it all meant. My peerless deductive skills have led me to the conclusion that these are likely the first details of Rift's next major expansion.

The box contained the following items:

Puzzle box

  • Two posters: One depicting the Polesti Raid in World War II, and one depicting Stuart's Confederate cavalry raiding Pennsylvania in the Civil War.

    Amazing Detective Skills say: That's two "raids." So, this seems to be MMO related...

  • A liquid level, with a sticker on it bearing the number 10.

    Amazing Detective Skills say: 10 levels? Must be a level cap increase, which usually means big expansion

  • Four soles of shoes. This is what tipped me off that it was Rift I was dealing with.

    Amazing Detective Skills say: Rift calls its classes "souls," and this seems to indicate that four new ones are being added.

  • Six rusty keys on a ring, and one golden one labeled "Port Tempest."

    Amazing Detective Skills say: This likely indicates to a new capital/hub city called Port Tempest, and six new smaller cities or zones.

  • A felt bag containing five glass prisms, all of different sizes. No, they do not fit together (I tried that already).

    Amazing Detective Skills say: There are items in Rift called Prism Fragments , five of which (the same number that came in the bag) can be combined to form an Inert Prism. These Prisms are currently only used for a few crafting recipes. Maybe they're about to become more important? Hmmm...

  • An incredibly stylish, red, hooded cloak.

    Amazing Detective Skills say: This was probably just here to get people like me posting pictures of ourselves in it on the internet. Mission accomplished, Trion!

And thus I reached the conclusion that the box of mystery indicates such: A Rift expansion is coming and it will bring a 10-level increase in the level cap, two new raids, four new souls, six new areas, a new city called Port Tempest, and possibly something fancy to use those Inert Prisms for. If I'm right, we should have more details to share with you soon.