Rift: Storm Legion expansion brings two new continents and player-owned dimensions

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Yesterday we brought you the news that Rift was getting a new expansion , Storm Legion, and new the first details are touching down. First things first, the expansion will bring not one, but two new continents. Along with more skills, a raised level cap and an epic battle with gender-confused Dragon.

Storm Legion's main antagonist is the Dragon Lord Crucia, Queen of Storms. We're not entirely certain how you can be both a Queen and a Lord, but it might have something to do with being a giant lightning Dragon capable of zapping anyone who points out the contradiction. Like most Queens, she's celebrating her Jubilee year by releasing an army of horrors through an inter dimensional gate in an attempt to destroy the world, and it's your job to stop her.

The big news is the new continents, which Trion say will triple the size of the existing world. In addition Storm Legion will raise the Rift level cap from 50 to 60, and a new soul skill tree for each class. The expansion will also feature seven new dungeons, three new raids and a new 'Chronicle' (Rift's high level story driven instances). Finally, Rift is getting its own form of player housing, with customisable 'dimensions' that guilds and players can make their home.

Storm Legion will be coming this Autumn.