Fully immerse yourself with this curved 34-inch 1440p gaming monitor for under $500

G5 Odyssey in front of a colored backdrop.
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The one thing I love about curved gaming monitors is how it almost feels like you are being swallowed whole by your favorite videogames for total immersion. With Elden Ring finally being released, why not spoil yourself by being enveloped by as much Souls-like goodness as possible? B&H is shaving $120 off this 34-inch Samsung G5 Odyssey curved gaming monitor, making it $429.99. 

The G5 Odyssey is a 34-inch 3440x1440 resolution curved display with a 165Hz refresh rate that hits that sweet spot for PC gaming. This FreeSync compatible monitor has a high contrast ratio, so blacks should look nice and deep. It's also loading with features like low input lag mode, refresh rate optimizer, a host of other gaming-specific bonuses. 

Though it uses a VA panel, the color gamut isn't wide as you'd see on something with an IPS panel like the Dell 34 C4422WE, which is also a 34-inch curved display but way more expensive even when it's on sale. For under $500, you're getting a good deal considering the size, resolution, and refresh rate.

When you're not gaming, the extra screen real estate is nice for managing a ton of windows with a million tabs open (you know it's true) instead of dealing with multiple monitors. AMD GPU owners will appreciate that FreeSync Premium compatibility to ensure the smoothest possible gameplay.

Samsung G5 Odyssey | 1440p Curved| 34-inch | 165Hz refresh rate| $549

Samsung G5 Odyssey | 1440p Curved| 34-inch | 165Hz refresh rate| $549 $429 at B&H (save $120)
Samsung's speedy curved display is perfect for the PC gamer looking to add a level of immersion to their gameplay but still a high frame rate. 

My only gripe is that the ergonomics of the G5 could be so much better. The tilt adjustments are very limited, and the thing will not swivel no matter how nicely you ask it. Thankfully, this display can be VESA mounted, which should give you some placement options. 

Inventory is low, but B&H should be restocking soon after its sold. Though, you can pick up the 27-inch 144Hz model of the G5 Odyssey, also on sale for $269, or the 32-inch 144Hz model for $329 just in case 34 inches takes up too much space on your desk.

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