FSP unveils Windale 4 and Windale 6 CPU air coolers

FSP is best known for its line of power supplies, though it also dabbles in other categories, such as cases and UPS backups. Now it can add CPU cooling to the mix with the introduction of its Windale 4 and Windale 6 coolers.

These are FSP's first cooling solutions of any kind. While it is entering an already crowded field, FSP has a strong reputation for putting out reliable PSUs over the years that could help it carve out an audience.

The Windale 6 is the larger and snazzier looking of the two. It has a beefier finned aluminum alloy block that is black, whereas the Windale 6 is about half the size and not painted.

Both CPU coolers employ copper heatpipes that make direct contact with the CPU. They both also feature a 120mm fan that FSP says is low noise, along with anti-vibration rubber. The fan on the Windale 6 gets some added bling with blue LED illumination.

The Windale 4 and Windale 6 are compatible with a wide range of sockets for both Intel and AMD, including the latter's AM4 socket for Ryzen.

We haven't tested these ourselves, though TechPowerUp put the Windale 6 through its paces and found that it performed pretty well compared to the competition.

Paul Lilly

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