Free games of the week

Superliminal Vagrant Twin by C.E.J. Pacian


A space trading sim cast as a traditional text adventure, Superliminal Vagrant Twin is a thing of beauty. You do jobs, you jump from system to system, and you collect hangers-on, all while keeping an eye on your fuel and credit levels. It turns out that evocative descriptive text is a pretty good substitute for fancy, or indeed any, images. Who knew. Excellent stuff. (Via IndieGames)

Don't Lose Your Head by droqen

Don t Lose Your Head

A very simple platformer, and a very hard one with it. Reach the exit point, avoiding the various enemies and their various, insta-death-causing bullets. Every time you die, the word 'DEAD' appears on-screen, at the exact location of your demise. I died lots and lots, and my screen became quite cluttered as a result.

I Like Walking Very Much by camel504


A game about walking to the right (always to the right) as a strange spider-bush-creature that looks like it's crawled out of Limbo. That sounds dull, and ILWVM approaches that on occasion, but the fantastic atmosphere saves it. The soft rustling wind, the subtle crunch of the earth beneath your many feet—this is an incredibly soothing experience. (Via Warp Door)

Freedom: Diegesis by Quicksand Games


A strange side-scrolling adventure that quickly evolves from a mangled Mario clone into a creepy and wonderful horror-platformer...thing. Here's a suitably weird teaser trailer offering a glimpse of what you're in for:

Draculaland by Robin Johnson


Draculaland is a parser-based text adventure, at heart, but it does brilliant things with its interface. Rather than having to remember all the verbs, and somewhat laboriously type them in, you pick actions and dialogue options from a context-sensitive menu on the right of the screen instead. You're trying to avenge the death of your chum Van Helsing, by defeating Count Dracula, in this funny adventure, and get on with it, would you, as this is silly in the best possible way. (Via Emily Short)