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Free games of the week

2000:1 A Space Felony by National Insecurities

Previously a Humble Monthly freebie, 2000:1 A Space Felony is now a global freebie... until Monday, at least. It's a "murder mystery courtroom drama" set on a spaceship; it's John Grisham meets Columbo meets Stanley Kubrick. This clever detective game is exquisitely presented, so get downloading.

Voodoo Lockdown by anttihaavikko

An innovative puzzle game that uses letters in a fascinating way—not just as characters that transmit meaning when grouped together in specific ways, but as important puzzle pieces in their own right. Specifically, it's their shape that matters in this sidescrolling brainteaser. That little bridge in the uppercase H, that big trusty platform atop of T, the cradle-like nature of U. After playing Voodoo Lockdown, you might never look at alphabetti spaghetti in the same way again.

Dear Edwin by Lazy Bum Studio

Conceived for this year's Indie Game Maker Contest, Dear Edwin is a charming adventure game set in a run-down, steampunk city. You're Edwin Vayne, a brilliant detective who has been summoned to the city to investigate a young woman's death. There's a bit of walking around, a lot of talking, and even the odd bit of fisticuffs in this top-down mystery, as Edwin can capably handle himself against rowdy street punks.

Onirism demo by wobblyFootgamer

Explore a beautiful dreamworld in the sizable demo for 3D platformer Onirism, one of the few games where a child's blanket features prominently in the plot. As the resourceful Carol, you're trying to rescue said blanket from the clutches of a thief, using your hair dryer, umbrella, and other multi-purpose tools.

The Conflux Story by Chasing Syzygies

A hugely atmopheric action adventure that sees you spelunking into the sewers to recover your friend's missing guitar. Unlike our sewers, which are full of fatbergs and, well, shite, the one in The Conflux Story is home to roving gelatinous slimes, which you can dispatch with your handy rifle. There's also a talking dog, but this is otherwise a fairly grounded adventure that revolves around a love triangle between you and two friends. (Via Warp Door.)

Ebony Spire demo by Bacioiu Ciprian

Ebony Spire combines the first-person, grid-based exploration of your Lands of Lores or your Etrian Odysseys with the permadeath rogueliking of the classic dungeon-delvers. The control scheme might be a little fiddly as a result, but there's a lot to get your chops around in this five-level demo. You can either play in Classic mode, with pre-made stages, or dive into the procedurally generated Infinite variety. Either way you're getting an expansive crawler set in an attractive fantasy world.