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Free games of the week

Lumin by TeamLumin

Like a Hogwarts professor nicking the glow from streetlights, light is yours to plunder in graceful first-person puzzler Lumin. You can pluck it from light sources, and hold it in your hand like an electric rubber ball, before chucking it at contraptions to activate them, and therefore progress through its sporadically dim labyrinth. You're trying to bring the light back to the night sky, a particularly noble endeavour, especially if you live in a city and your view of the milky way has been compromised by light pollution. 'Let there be light' would be a good way to end this, so let's end on that note and carry on.

Muscle World by fotocopiadora

Muscle World! Even the name is excellent, conjuring a realm of From Software's largely forgotten Shadow Tower solely inhabited by muscle-bound, gym-going types. Perhaps I'm being reminded of From's PS1 titles as developer fotocopiadora cites King's Field II as an inspiration for this beguilingly atmospheric roleplaying adventure set in a mysterious, well, a mysterious muscle world.

As a buff dude in a pair of pants, you have to climb across a softly creepy cave environment, collecting pills and occasionally making use of your powerful legs. I won't tell you in what fashion you'll use your legs, because blimey, I think my jaw was hanging down at that point. Muscle World! (Via Ian MacLarty.)

Withered: a visual novel by JP

What if a big eye suddenly appeared in your room, on the front of a book, demanding to be fed with...oh dear, your body parts? It's, er, it's not actually a rhetorical question, friends, as it's just happened to me and I could do with a bit of advice. To be fair, it's just happened to me in the grisly, kinetic visual novel Withered, but I'm still unsure which choices to, well, choose to ensure the best ending. While the writing could do with another pass (or at least a spellcheck), there's a great premise behind Withered, and a well-realised aesthetic to this wiry horror game.

Frog Smith by CowThing

Here's a game about an amphibian blacksmith, as you might have guessed from the (excellent) title. In this sweet 3D arcade game, you have to bash, cool, and heat big chunks of metal until they turn into handy weapons and armour: daggers, swords, helmets etc. It's a fun process, but there's no tutorial telling you how to do it. Fear not, I'll fill you in so that you can make the most out of the ribbit-inducing Frog Smith.

First you have to heat the metal, right, by moving froggy towards the furnace and using the mouse. Then you need to return to the central point and rhythmically click the mouse to bash that metal into shape. When it eventually cools down, you'll need to heat it up again, and when you've contorted it into the correct shape, be sure you've left enough time to cool the metal down. That's about it, so get out there and make me (let me think) a shiny long sword. Cheers.