Free games of the week

Harvest by rxi


A holdover from last month's Ludum Dare, Harvest invites to you plant and tend to your tasty crops, while dealing with the twin pressures of hungry rodents and your own insatiable thirst. Make some time to engorge your bladder, and you just might survive longer than a couple of minutes.

Squirrel Away by Alpaca Space Lab

Squirrel Away

We've long since reached saturation point for local multiplayer games, but here's one more featuring cute wickle murderous squirrels, and a range of scary, huge predators including that thing (a lynx?) and a big old owl.

RitualQuest by Slimegirl

Ritual Quest

An economical horror adventure game that does a lot with some lo-fi stylings and evocative text. Collect three things to complete the ritual, the ending depending on which three things you happen to pick up.

An Evening of Modern Dance by selfsame

Modern Dance

You can do a lot with funny physics and a spotlight, though Modern Dance also chucks in multiplayer and an inappropriately elegant soundtrack. Flaunt your ballet moves on the stage: moves including a graceful moonwalk, a pirouette, and that tricky move where all your limbs explode and shoot off in random directions.

You Are A Horse by spacetwinks

You are a Horse

This is not a game about being a horse. It's a game about being a horse that wants to rob a bank, and it's very funny indeed.