Free games of the week

Pictures of a Reasonably Documented Year by Outlands

Pictures of a Reasonably Documented Year

I like games where you poke around in authentic-feeling old computers, so here is a game where you poke around in an authentic-feeling old computer. You're investigating the desktop of a particularly paranoid individual, who had his own investigation into a mysterious fire. His PC is littered with notes, images and videos about this, and things get a little spooky in this brief game as you piece everything together.

Dead Knight by Backterria

Dead Demo

This is a very early demo that only contains a few rooms, and that can't be completed, but I like much of Backterria's skeletal metroidvania so far. The art is very nice, the skellingtons are amusing, and you can zoom the camera way out to view the entire level at once. Which is fab.

Anteaters in Tutus by Great Sky Whale Games

Anteaters in Tutus

A rhythm game with a difference—that difference being all the anteaters in tutus, who are competing to be the best opera singers they can reasonably be. Play against your friends to see who's the best at following musical orders while wearing a frilly pink dress, like you do in the real world every Wednesday. (Via Warp Door)

Quirkaglitch by Xavier Belanche

If you can get past the title screen in Quirkaglitch without assistance, then I'm not convinced you're a human being, but good on you. I'm going to spoil things a bit, for us mere mortals, so look away if you'd rather bash away at Quirkaglitch solo.




OK. That (randomly picked) code on the title screen? It relates to this colour chart, and to enter the code you have to bash into the correctly coloured enemies. The eventual platformer is like a messed-up ZX Spectrum game, and visually it's pretty damned impressive.

Right Click to Necromance by Juicy Beast

Right Click to Necromance

Left Click (hold Left Click) to move your army; Right Click (at the prompts) to add that wandering troop you've just defeated to your roving crew. How do you do this, if you've just chopped them to bits? With the power of necromancy, naturally. It's a simple game, but with some strategy behind it: you have to avoid larger armies, and that big cyclops thing, until you've built up your forces a bit.

Wizards Rule by Gadzooka

Wizards Rule

We all know that wizards rule, a position they've held ever since Wizards of Wor came out in the early '80s. This is a Pico-8 remake, and it's pretty authentic and fun.