Free Dying Light demo is now available on Steam

Dying Light

Dying Light, in Chris' estimation, is a pretty decent zombie survival game. But maybe you're not convinced. Maybe you question the opinion of a guy who thought it would be a good idea to hitchhike to the beach in Grand Theft Auto V. Or maybe you'd just like to try it for yourself before you lay down your hard-earned cash. Whatever your reason, you may now indulge in some no-charge zombie dodging by way of the Dying Light demo Techland released yesterday on Steam.

The demo "offers three hours of unique content" covering most of the Slums area, with one story quest chain and several side quests, challenges, and random encounters. All the core gameplay elements are present, including crafting, "creative brutality," and the day/night cycle that gives the game its special charm, and it also supports online co-op play for up to four players.

It's a bit unusual to release a demo for a game more than six months after its release, but Techland isn't finished with Dying Light just yet. In July it announced the first expansion, The Following, which will add a new, open environment and various new implements of zombie splattering, including a dune buggy. Techland showed off a half-hour of The Following gameplay on Twitch last week, which you can catch up with here.

Andy Chalk

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