Dying Light: The Following detailed in Twitch stream

Dying Light The Following

Twitch streams are the new, cool way to announce things and reveal game footage, but if you watch them at the time you have to sit through lengthy countdowns, and lots of boring talky bits before you finally get to that juicy goodness. That's the great thing about watching Twitches after the fact: some enterprising YouTuber has already edited out the good bits and put them in a handily embeddable video. You'll find that below.

Oh, I should probably mention what the stream was about. Yesterday, Techland showed off 15-odd minutes of Dying Light's upcoming The Following DLC, an uncommonly expansive expansion that adds buggies, new weapons including crossbows and submachine guns, and a big new open environment to their zombie parkour game. And, frankly, it looks ace. Gruff, boring everyman Kyle Crane is investigating a cult in The Following—and by 'investigating', I of course mean 'running it over'.

There's no release date for the add-on yet, but the two devs presenting the Twitch stream did answer a few other viewer questions during the stream.

Tom Sykes

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