Free browser game Oni Hunter is a fun mix of Gunpoint and Mark of the Ninja

The long-running game jam Ludum Dare recently held its 41st event, which was dedicated to making games that combine two "incompatible" genres. As previously reported, Ludum Dare 41 spawned surreal adventure game You Left Me. It also gave us Oni Hunter, a 2D puzzle-stealth game about clearing groups of bad guys in an instant. You can play it for free in your browser here

A team of four made Oni Hunter in just 48 hours, but it looks and feels great. Basically, you slow down time and draw a path for your sword that not only puts you back at the level's door but also kills all the enemies in the level—murderous tracing, basically. It's fun to thread the needle and nail multiple Oni at once, and taking down special enemies like guards with vision cones or extra armor ratchets up the challenge considerably.

If you want to check out some other games from Ludum Dare 41, have a gander at this Itch catalog. There are like 2,000 of them, by the way. Ball of Duty: Modern Bowlfare sounds like a winner.  

 Thanks, IndieGames.  

Austin Wood
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