Fortress Melbourne will be Australia's largest esports arena

(Image credit: Fortress Esports Pty Ltd)

Melbourne, Australia is set to host the Southern Hemisphere's largest esports venue in early 2020. Fortress Melbourne, which will be operated by Fortress Esports Pty Ltd, will cover 2,700+ square metres, house over 160 PCs, as well as function rooms, tabletop play areas, a restaurant, two bars and a 200 seat arena.

In addition to all that, Fortress Melbourne will also feature console gaming suites and "dedicated streamer pods". Fortress Esports has partnered with Allied Esports on the project, which operates the HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas. 

The site will be situated in the Emporium Melbourne, in the basement and lower ground space of the building. 

The news follows the announcement earlier this month of Gfinity Esports Australia's closure. According to a statement issued, the local esports market "has not developed to the level forecast when the company was launched in 2017". Hopefully Fortress Esports doesn't encounter any similar issues in Australia.

Here are some more (mocked up) images of the venue:

(Image credit: Fortress Esports Pty Ltd)

(Image credit: Fortress Esports Pty Ltd)
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