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Fortnite's newest weapon makes it possible to ride your own rocket to victory

Fortnite's latest update delivered the guided missile launcher, finally giving solo players a way to join in on the rocket-riding fun. If you're not up to date, individual RPGs have collision, so with good timing players can hop on and zip across the map. It's led to some ridiculous plays

But Reddit user hottshy is taking rocket-riding to a new level, stripping away the need for another body to get things moving. Check out the full clip, where they fire off a guided rocket, steer it in a wide circle, and aim it at their own behind. With a perfectly timed jump, hottshy lands on the rocket and rides it long enough to get a quick flank on the last living opponent. Still processing the solo show in the sky, the other player is forced out of their fort and collapses after a hot lead injection.

Off topic, but I also learned that /r/fortnitegonewild is a real thing in the same thread. 

Anyway, happy rocket-riding, everyone. 

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