Watch this Fortnite player snipe for a win while riding a rocket on top of another rocket

Rocket-riding is nothing new to Fortnite. What was once an accident has since been embraced by community and developers alike, making for an endless stream of dramatic, funny plays. As an ode to the absurd team maneuver, Epic recently added a new emote, the Rocket Rodeo, to the in-game store and it's since become the latest family-friendly way to dance on a corpse (thought I'm still a fan of Take the L). 

But what I didn't see coming and most definitely should have is that players would get meta with it. This clip shared and performed by Reddit user CJLito shows them riding a rocket, kicking off the Rocket Rodeo emote, and then sniping their last bush-camping opponent for the Victory Royale. It's layers of skill and showmanship on layers of skill and showmanship that I didn't expect we'd ever see in Fortnite. (Thank goodness emotes are on their way to PUBG.)

Now all that's left is for Epic to make a rocket costume and for a player to get the win with a rocket launcher. A few months ago I would have dismissed the thought, but now I'm a believer. 

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