Fortnite to get Guided Missile launcher, adds dino outfit and pickaxe

Update: Epic has now dropped a Guided Missile teaser trailer, inserted above. 

When Fortnite teased jetpacks earlier this year, I pondered a scenario that jetpacks couldn't make better. I was a wee bit disappointed, then, when "coming soon" turned to unspecified delay, and I wasn't overly taken by its Hunting Rifle substitute. 

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I am, however, digging the thought of arsing around with a Guided Missile launcher—blowing folk away from distance and, perhaps, riding rockets across the map. 

"Remote control destruction from above," reads the "coming soon" item's description upon check in. Look, see:

Not much to go on beyond that, but, like the elusive jetpack, the weapon's gold background signifies the Guided Missile is of legendary variety. Prospective rocket launcher-ers have some ideas on games it might draw inspiration from on the Fortnite subreddit. The Nikita from Metal Gear Solid is probably my favourite mentioned there.

Elsewhere, Fortnite has added the Rex Outfit and Party Animal Pickaxe. Both of those feature here: