Fortnite's 'High Stakes' limited time event has been detailed

Epic Games has announced details for Fortnite's previously teased High Stakes limited time event. The highlight of the event is 'Getaway', a limited time squad mode where teams will fight over four safes dropped at random across the map. These safes must be reached, the jewels inside secured, and then taken to a van on the map. The first four teams to secure a jewel inside a van are the winners.

The LTM was detailed during a PAX West livestream, embedded below (courtesy of Astheno). The footage also features the forthcoming grappling device in action.

Naturally, there are a bunch of challenges, skins and sprays to look forward to as well. Playing ten matches of The Getaway will get you 5,000 XP, while a new playing-card themed spray will be rewarded to those who manage to deal 500 damage to jewel carrying opponents.  If you pick up a jewel in five different matches, you'll get a new cash-themed glider, while a fancy-looking crowbar will be rewarded to those who complete all three challenges. This clip sums that all up quite nicely.

Meanwhile, a new Wildcard outfit [pictured above] will be available, but this will only be obtainable through the daily item shop when the event goes live. As for when that is, it'll be some time later this week.

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