Fortnite's next item is a grappling device

Fortnite's High Stakes event rolls out this week, bringing with it a new limited-time mode, new challenges and a new outfit. It also appears Battle Royale's next item is a grappling device, that lets players zip over buildings and rooftops. 

According to Fortnite Battle Royale News, it looks like this:

And as clipped by Twitch person KairuCS, here's the suction device in motion:

With that, I'm more reminded of Link's Hookshot than I am of, say, Batman's Grapnel Gun. But it looks like great fun all the same. I'm a sucker for stealth in Fortnite too, therefore the idea of getting the drop on someone, Spiderman-style, appeals to me. 

No solid launch date for Fortnite's grappler as yet, but internet rumblings suggest it'll be with us sooner rather than later. Watch this space.