Epic teases a Fortnite 'High Stakes' event coming next week

A new High Stakes event is coming to Fortnite next week, with a new Getaway limited-time mode, a Wild Card outfit, and High Stakes Challenges. Epic Games teased the event on Twitter with an image of a dapper man in a white suit, with a handcuffed briefcase and a goalie mask of love. 

What is it actually? That, Epic isn't being quite so clear about. But the combination of a new LTM, outfit, and challenges brings to mind memories of the Birthday event that went down in July. In that, players could earn an emoticon, a spray, experience, and "back bling" by playing matches, doing damage to enemies, and dancing. 

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I imagine the Getaway LTM will be a little more, shall we say, goal-oriented: I honestly can't tell if the guy in the suit is an ultra-elite high-stakes gambler or a James Bond-style criminal mastermind, but either way he looks like the sort of fellow who doesn't show up for anything unless he's got something very specific to do.

We'll get our first look at High Stakes tonight during Epic's PAX livestream on Twitch, beginning at 6 pm PT/9 pm ET and running all weekend long.

Andy Chalk

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