Fortnite's first unlikely vehicle is 'coming soon'

For James, Fortnite's rocket riders are proof the battle royale 'em up doesn't need vehicles. I agree, those airborne stunts are neat—but what if it added something you could share with a friend? Not a car, not a 4x4, not a motorcycle sidecar, not a tandem glider, but, um, a shopping trolley.  

"Roll into battle alone or with a buddy," reads the "Coming Soon" description of Fortnite's forthcoming Shopping Cart.

As spotted by Fortnite Intel back in March, a number of shopping carts began popping up in and around Points of Interest—whereafter lead programmer Michael Noland responded to players' calls for interactable trolleys

In January, Epic Games told Gamespot it had no plans to introduce vehicles at that point but "wouldn't rule anything out". 

Fornite's next update is due this week.

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