Watch this Fortnite player rocket-ride across the whole map

Sure, it'd be nice to crest one of Fortnite's mountains in a Volkswagen bus, but transit is much more efficient (though not very environmentally friendly) on the back of RPG after RPG after RPG. 

In a record ride that has surely been bested already, YouTuber NoahJ456 rode a stream of remote controlled rockets from Junk Junction all the way to Moisty Mire, a trip that nearly encompasses the breadth of the entire map. 

Players first figured out how to ride rockets last fall, a fun exploit that Epic decided to keep around for the recent release of the guided missile launcher. Players then figured out they could fire a rocket, circle it around, and ride their own into oblivion (or a ridiculous Victory Royale). Now they've figured out how to fire a rocket from on top of their own rocket, and that it's possible to leap from one to the other before the first explodes on a set timer. Chain this, and you can fly into the damn sun, it seems.

Meanwhile, I've yet to find one of the guided missile launchers at all, let alone win a solo match. Back to studying those Fortnite building tips, pretending I'll ever amount to anything, I suppose.