Fortnite update 3.1.0 adds Hunting Rifle and Lucky Landing location, emergency patch fixes client crashes (Updated)

Update: As reported in our original story below, Fortnite's not-jetpack-boasting update 3.1.0 launched yesterday alongside Hunting Rifles, the new Lucky Landing map location, and host of reevaluated weapon drop rates. Subsequent server crashes prevented some players from logging in—however an emergency patch has now been applied.  

After some back-and-forthing, server crashes and issues with the Epic Games and Unreal websites forced the developer to roll out emergency patch 3.1.1, which went live earlier today.  

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Remember to reboot your game in order for the above to effect. Once you have, you're ready to tackle the below.  

Original story: 

We were promised jetpacks. This is, until a last minute design issue saw Fornite's newest item pushed in favour of Hunting Rifles. The battle royale 'em up's latest update 3.1.0 is now live, bringing with it new guns, a new location, and tweaks to weapon drop rates, among other things. 

Located on the southern edge of the map, Lucky Landing is a new Battle Royale location. It looks like this: 

The new Hunting Rifle, on the other hand, looks like this: 

Uncommon and Rare in rarity, Hunting Rifles are scopeless single-shooters best suited to medium and long range fire, so says Epic Games, that're found in treasure chests and/or as floor loot. 

Elsewhere, update 3.1.0 adjusts the "inconsistent" drop rates of Burst Assault Rifles, Revolvers and Tactical Shotguns—increasing the likelihood of Rare and Epic pickups, while decreasing common finds across the board. 

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"These weapons had unnecessarily low drop rates as they progressed in rarity," says the developer. "This does not change the overall likelihood of finding these weapon types but it does increase your chances of finding a higher rarity version." 

The latest patch casts a wide net over bug fixes across both Fortnite Battle Royale and its Save the World counterpart—the latter of which also receives new adventure Brave Beginnings, and the following uber-cool Dragonfire Auto-Shotgun:

Fortnite's update 3.1.0 is live now. Check out its full patch notes rundown over here