Where to claim Aquaman's Trident in Fortnite

fortnite trident coral cove
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Wondering where to claim your Fortnite Trident at Coral Cove? The last major Fortnite Aquaman challenge is here, and you'll need to finish this one if you want that sweet, sweet Jason Momoa skin. Season 3 has featured several aquatic challenges you need to complete if you wanted to get the skin, and thankfully it looks like this week 5 challenge just involves locating Aquaman's Trident in Fortnite.

In fact, Aquaman's Trident can be located in one of three possible areas. Thankfully, they're all near one another, so you can probably knock them all out in one game if absolutely necessary. So, here are the three locations so you can become an underwater god.

Where to find the Fortnite Trident at Coral Cove

So where do you need to look to find Aquaman's Trident? You need to head towards Coral Cove in the northwest portion of the map, north of Sweaty Sands. Here's a helpful map to help you find it.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

You're basically looking for three small island locations located around that main Coral Cove area. You'll find the Trident located on one of these islands/rocks. You'll have to interact with the Trident to claim it.

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