The entire Fortnite Summer Splash LTM lineup

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite's Summer Splash event is here and ready to let you enjoy the great summer outdoors the best way possible: from behind the comfort of your keyboard.

Last year's 14 Days of Summer event saw Epic unvault a whole bunch of special weapons that players had been clamoring for. Taking the place of last year's 14 Days of Summer, Summer Splash will throw a bunch of new and familiar LTMs (limited time modes) into Fortnite's usual rotation, some with different types of player counts as the event goes on.

Fortnite's LTMs have been MIA since last season, but it looks like the whole list of them has been leaked ahead of time, giving us a greater idea of what's coming.

Since Fortnite's Summer Splash event started on July 6, we've already played the Fog of War LTM, and as of this writing, High Explosives is currently on the docket.

Data miner iFireMonkey managed to uncover all the upcoming LTMs, although they were clear to state that the dates will possibly change. In fact, it appears that Fog of War was only for one day, so don't expect all of these dates to reflect reality. At least it gives us an idea of what new and old LTMs are coming.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

And that's that. Old favorites include Blitz, Sniper Shootout, and Unvaulted.

Don't forget to catch up and check out the latest patch notes for the 12.30 update, which brought the flare gun and the portable upgrade bench.

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