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Fortnite season five gets a story trailer teasing the return of the Seven

I've been playing Fortnite since release, when a friend and I wisely decided it was a rip-off of Orcs Must Die and would be a huge failure. Then of course came the addition of a battle royale mode, and the game went beyond mere success to become a phenomenon. Epic had a new challenge: how to build an ongoing story and world around a game that didn't have much of one.

It's no small feat, and the developer has done a great job seeding various mysteries throughout the various seasons, one of which looks to be returning imminently with Fortnite season 5. The Seven are Fortnite's big baddies, an extraterrestrial bunch dedicated to destroying the zero point (i.e. Fortnite's universe) to sort out the rest of reality. Only three have been seen, and they seemingly disappeared from the story when Chapter 2 began.

The trailer shows generic lead Jonesy (the blonde bloke) waking up post-Galactus and once more hurling himself bravely into the zero point. Faced with building a character out of Jonesy, Epic amusingly turned to Troy Baker, the Voice of Every Game Character, to impart a little personality. It does kinda work, to be fair, even if it gives me visions of Booker DeWitt in a battle royale.

The tease for the Seven's return is fairly straightforward, with Jonesy running off to hug the void just as his handler says "and do not draw the attention of the Seven."

Season 5 is now live, following the defeat of Galactus by over 15 million players. In random related news, the game is also getting a Kratos skin. What Epic really needs to do is get some crossover action going there, and have the God of War slowly ripping the Seven's limbs off in an extended QTE sequence.