Everything we know about Fortnite Season 8

Fortnite Season 8 will be wet. Besides general idea of the release date, this is about all we actually know, but if the hints buried in previous Fortnite battle passes are any indication, the wetness will extend to more than a simple spring thaw. Epic is getting good at not-so-subtly hinting where future Fortnite seasons are headed, and unless we're all being tricked, Season 8 will have a lot to do with water. 

The hints have been trickling in for a while now, and with Season 7 at the halfway point, in-game events are likely to start hinting at the future of Fortnite soon. Read on for our theories on what to expect from Fortnite Season 8.

When does Fortnite Season 8 start?

The Fortnite Season 8 start date Feb 27 or 28, announced via the Share the Love event on Epic's Fortnite news page. 

Fornite season 8's Battle Pass will be free, if...

Fortnite season 8's Battle Pass will be free, assuming players who want it can complete 13 free Overtime challenges by February 27. The idea is you can save a few V-Bucks, and get a bunch of outfits in the process.

Otherwise, expect the usual 950 V-Bucks ($10) ticket price. 

What map changes will arrive with Fortnite Season 8?

All signs point to some wet new areas.

With spring, I'd wager we see a deep thaw run through the icy parts of the map. Greasy Grove is currently submerged in a frozen lake, and you can see the buildings, chests, and weapons just beneath the surface. Maybe we'll be swimming there soon. 

A quick look at the Season 7 battle pass hints at a wet spring, too. A snowman spray melts in agony, an octopus icon becomes available at tier 84, a blazing sun at 62, and previously scuba-diver skins could be the earliest hints at an underwater environment. More blatantly, this idiot fish skin is the most blatant hint at future underwater theming.

Fortnite's snowy environment was teased for months through skins and battle pass rewards, so it's not a long shot to think Epic might be doing the same for an underwater area.

A big icy orb recently appeared above Polar Peaks, from which the Ice King summoned a massive copy of himself and covered the entire map in fresh coat of snow. 

The ice at the center of the castle at Polar Peak also melted, revealing the Fortnite Season 7 secret skin: the prisoner. He's warm-looking magma boy, which is probably why everything melted.

Then there's the earthquakes. 

Chances are the Fortnite Season 8 release will coincide with a cataclysmic event. Maybe the island will crack open and reveal a new watery point of interest? 

What new skins will be in the Fortnite Season 8 battle pass?

Hard to say at this time. Expect a mix of those that fit in with the season theme: aquatic creatures and people, as well as some that evoke the spring season. Skins also tend to hint at future changes, both within the season and beyond. It's too early to even guess what those might be. I just hope we get more idiot fish skins. 

What kind of new items and/or vehicles can we expect?

If, and only if, my underwater predictions are true, I'd expect to see vehicles that make use of the potential new biome. Season 8 brought much more verticality to Fortnite, a perfect fit for driftboards and airplanes. Expect submarines, hybrid land and sea vehicles, jet skis, and more to arrive in Season 8. Again, all this hinges water being A Thing, but I'd be surprised if all the hints were for nothing. 

Maybe we'll be able to ride dragons. Let me explain.

What's up with those weird dragon eggs hidden in the castle?

No clue! Here's an idea though: dragons breathe fire. Fire melts ice. Melted ice means water. And with a quarter of the map frozen over, including a completely submerged Greasy Grove, it could be dragons that cause a flash flood, creating new underwater areas. 

Mid-season means we'll probably see some in-game events start kicking off soon as Epic attempts to maintain interest until the launch of Season 8. The ice around the castle is melting, the eggs are incubating, and spring is on the way. We'll update this page as soon as new info trickles in, so check back in soon for the latest on Fortnite Season 8.