Portable fort-sprouting grenades are coming to Fortnite

A new item that could shake up how building battles play out in Fortnite is now being teased at in the New Updates bulletin that pops up anytime you launch the Battle Royale mode. 

Dubbed Port-a-Forts, the items sprout "a quick defensive position upon impact." It's unclear what type of fort they'll spawn, though I'd wager they make the basic recon fort or variations of it. We're assuming it's a throwable and not a trap-based item due to the use of "impact" in its description. 

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We don't know when it's coming, though Epic's cadence with updates is fairly quick, so expect to see insta-forts showing up in the next week or two. I welcome the idea of portable forts as a way to ease new players into some practicing defensive tactics without mastery of the building system (still, don't sleep on studying your Fortnite building tips), though I'm sure the pros will find weird, subversive ways to humiliate me with them in no time. 

Update: Here's a quick teaser cinematic of the Port-a-Fort in practice:  

James Davenport

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