Fortnite player brutally murdered by the little shopping cart that could

Fortnite is greater than the sum of its parts. Look at its replay system, a simple set of tools which has yielded a seemingly endless supply of incredible moments. Look at its shopping carts, unassuming and unlikely vehicles that players have used to do the impossible. Now look at this clip from redditor u/MarleyLo, which uses these two simple things to tell a riveting story of revenge: 

Shortly after the match started, MarleyLo set to gathering some wood. In the process of bashing some birch trees, she accidentally clipped a shopping cart with her pickaxe. Just a tap. Didn't think anything of it. But little did MarleyLo know, that seemingly harmless love tap had quite literally set the wheels in motion. She probably didn't even notice she'd hit the shopping cart, but shopping carts never forget, and as MarleyLo would soon find out, they never forgive. 

Like an ancient evil woken from a thousand-year slumber, the shopping cart began gathering its strength. Straining, scheming, biding its time, it slowly but surely built up speed. Meanwhile MarleyLo, unaware of the hornet's nest she'd kicked, was off doing Fortnite things. Building platforms, riding shopping carts, the usual—totally unaware she was in the sights of a master assassin.

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The shopping cart waited until just the right moment. It made its move right as MarleyLo paused after completing a ramp to a nearby house. It shot down the hill with impossible speed, its raven-black wheels screaming, its plastic corners red like the flames of hell, its thin gray frame rattling from the sheer force of its unstoppable assault. MarleyLo turned around at the last second, but it was too late: she and the shopping cart were sent tumbling over the ledge into the unforgiving abyss below. 

Never cross a shopping cart.  

Austin Wood
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