Fortnite is getting a replay system

Epic Games announced today at GDC that a new replay feature is coming soon to Fortnite. The tool will provide a wide range of camera customization options, including aperture, focal length, exposure, and even manual focus, and users will have the ability to highlight teammates and enemy players, and use a "drone camera" option to view the map from just about any angle.   

The system promises to help players adjust their tactics, as they'll be able to "jump back into a game" to see what went right and wrong. But Epic emphasized that it will also be a tool for video creators, a point it highlighted with the assistance of Ali-A, a video producer with more than 12 million subscribers on YouTube who's recently taken up the Fortnite habit. 

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"I think the replay feature will certain upgrade everyone's content and allow them to create even better videos, better content," Ali-A says in the video above. "But I also think it's opening up a new avenue of content that wasn't previously available. You can do literally anything you can imagine with these tools." 

The Fortnite replay tool will be available on all platforms. A rollout date hasn't been announced, though Epic says it will come "soon." A video showcasing the capabilities of the Fortnite replay tool is yours to enjoy below. 

Andy Chalk

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