Fortnite leakers say Lebron James is coming to the game as an Icon Series skin

Space Jam: A New Legacy
(Image credit: Warner Bros Entertainment)

It looks very likely that NBA superstar Lebron James will soon be taking his place in Fortnite. Dataminers Hypex and Shiina both say that James will be added as an Icon Series skin in the game's next update.

Shiina made the initial claim about James' arrival as an Icon Series skin, while Hypex followed up with further details, including that players can earn rewards by completing King's Bling quests—James' nickname amongst basketball fans, and also his Twitter handle, is King James—and that items will become "more gold" as you finish quests. If you complete them all, you'll gain access to a slider that lets you customize the level of visible gold in the items.

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The timing would seem to be right, too. As Dot Esports noted, James set to star in Space Jam: A New Legacy, which will debut in theaters and on HBO Max on July 16. A promotional crossover would be a natural fit, and hardly unprecedented: Epic took part in a crossover event with the NBA as a whole in May ahead of the 2021 playoffs that included the addition of uniforms from all 30 teams, plus a new emote and back bling.

If James does appear in Fortnite as an Icon Series skin, he'll join others including Ninja, Lachlan, LazarBean, Major Lazer, Marshmello, TheGrefg, Travis Scott, and Loserfruit. We'll let you know if and when he turns up.

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