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Fortnite is getting a new vehicle called the Quadcrasher

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Fortnite is getting a new vehicle called the Quadcrasher, which looks very much like it sounds: It's a quad equipped with a sort of cow catcher/snowplow blade up front, with an angry (yet oddly cute) face painted on it.   

The description suggests that the Quadcrasher will bring speed and a hefty punch to the game: "Charge the boost to crash through structures or get some air!" And that front-end mangler looks intimidating: Riders are even more exposed than they are on the ATK, which at least has a roof, but I imagine that getting clobbered by a slab of armor plating at full speed won't be much fun.   

Actually useful information hasn't been released yet, but Epic said in the "Message of the Day" (via Fortnite Intel) that it's coming soon. Hopefully they'll have a smoother debut than the Fortnite shopping carts, which were added and removed multiple times before they finally started behaving properly. 

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