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Fortnite is getting a new 'powerful assault rifle'

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Epic is adding a Kalashnikov-styled Heavy Assault Rifle to Fortnite (opens in new tab), and it'll be "most useful when fired in short bursts".

The gun, above, appeared yesterday in the updates feed that opens when you launch the game. It's described as a "powerful assault rifle" that is "coming soon"—usually, that means it'll be in the battle royale game within a week.

The fact it's a "heavy" assault rifle probably means it'll deal more damage than the standard M4. It'll probably be less accurate, hence it being more useful when fired in bursts: I'd expect a fairly big recoil spray if you fire it full-auto.

It's one of the more vanilla additions to the game in recent months—we've had balloons (opens in new tab) and gargoyles (opens in new tab) in the last week alone—but I'm interested to see how it changes the weapon meta, if at all.

For the latest on what might be hidden inside Fortnite's mysterious cube, which is about to pop, read James's piece from yesterday (opens in new tab).

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