Where to find Fortnite's first hidden Battle Star for Season 6

Fortnite Season 6 continues the tradition of hiding Battle Pass stars inside of unlockable loading screens, allowing players further ways to rank up their unlockable tiers. This season they're tied to the Hunting Party challenges and we've already figured out where to find the first set of hidden battle stars. 

Finishing all seven challenges for the first week will reward you with the loading screen pictured above, featuring the new Calamity skin on her llama farm. Cute, right? But if you look closer, you can see this week's Battle Star in plain sight.

Behind Calamity, up on the hill, you can see the hidden Battle Star floating above a tractor. You'll want to head here once you've unlocked the loading screen to gain access to 10 Battle Stars that will undoubtedly help ranking up your Battle Pass.

This llama farm can be found due east of Paradise Palms, close to the edge of the island. Head to this area and the star will pop up once you get close enough to it. Grab it and enjoy your free Battle Stars.

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