How to unlock the Bytes outfit and tune the TV in Fortnite

Fortnite TV
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As part of the Bytes quest in Fortnite, you'll need to don his outfit and hunt for a TV that needs tuning. This is one of the trickier weekly challenges as you'll need to first unlock the Bytes outfit then try and find the TV while trying not to get eliminated. In this guide, I'll talk you through how to get the Bytes outfit and where to find that elusive TV to get new styles for The Nothing's Gift pickaxe. 

How to unlock the Bytes outfit 

Unlocking the Bytes outfit is the easiest part of this quest. You'll need to purchase the premium Battle Pass and earn Battle Stars to unlock everything on page two. Once everything else has been unlocked, you'll be able to get Bytes and The Nothing's Gift pickaxe, which you can get new looks for. 

To get XP and earn Battle Stars, you'll need to complete daily, weekly, story and milestone challenges, such as slide-kicking a boulder and opening vaults. Eliminating opponents, lasting as long as possible in battle royale matches and interacting with items, like Mending Machines, and chests also earns you XP, so go ahead and touch everything. You can also go the more expensive route and purchase levels with V-Bucks, but I'm not going to encourage you to do that.  

Where to find the TV 

Now that you've got Bytes' outfit on, it's time to go and find a TV that needs tuning. There are at least two TVs you can definitely tune but, unfortunately for you, they are found in two fairly popular landing areas. Some players have also claimed that TVs found outside these areas have been tuneable when approached when wearing the Bytes outfit, so give it a go.

The first TV can be found in a house between Herald's Sanctum and Tilted Towers, to the east of the pond. The second TV can be found in a small building in the east of Lustrous Lagoon. You only need to tune one of the TVs and to do so, just walk up to it and wait for the Tune prompt to appear. 

After you tune the TV you'll get Bytes quests such as searching Chromed chests and dealing damage to Chromed Wildlife—like the weird shiny pigs—which unlocks more styles for your pickaxe.

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