Where to find Fortnite's giant faces

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There's nothing quite like a fresh Battle Pass in Fortnite. With Season 8 (opens in new tab), Dozens of new rewards are just waiting to be grabbed, and the fastest way to get them all (besides emptying your wallet) is to hammer out some weekly challenges. First up is locating some giant faces. Oh, Fortnite. 

As part of Season 8's fresh set of challenges, Epic Games has placed some giant faces into the side of mountains, and there's one in each of the game's separate biomes. The desert one is found south of Paradise Palms, the jungle one is east of the brand new Sunny Steps POI, and the snow one is between Lucky Landing and Happy Hamlet. Check out our map to see just where they can be found.

All you have to do is face each face. Get close and say hello and you should see a notification pop up that says you've made progress towards completion. 

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