Fortnite gets Doctor Who's TARDIS and a bundle of themed modes

Fortnite is getting a Doctor Who crossover, but perhaps not the way you think. Rather than tossing in some new skins, Epic's gone for more of a Doctor Who "experience."

BBC Studios announced the arrival of Doctor Who's TARDIS in Fortnite today. Players can visit a specially designed island featuring the good doctor's famous telephone booth/time travel device. Players will be sent on a mission to help repair the TARDIS by collecting "Dynamorphic Generator Crystals" from around the island hub.

From the TARDIS hub, players can then visit four other locations based on classic Doctor Who adventures.

  • Players can hold box fights in the Kerblam zone while a creepy Kerblam Man looks on overhead.
  • An escape map lets players try to figure their way out of the QuadZone while dealing with PTing creatures leeching off of the ship's energy.
  • A rumble mode map lets players pick either Time Lords or Daleks to fight for in a classic deathmatch.
  • Finally, there's a Doctor Who museum world with recreations of the doctor's favorite enemies, including the dreaded weeping angels.

To access the Doctor Who Fortnite crossover:

From Fortnite's main menu, open up the mode select and choose "island code." The Doctor Who island code is 3610-1396-4646.

Players who repair the Tardis before 9 PM GMT on March 24 will receive the TARDIS spray as a reward.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Doctor Who isn't the only Doctor getting his own Fortnite crossover. Marvel's Doctor Strange is also making an appearance sometime in the near future, most likely as a season 2 skin.

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