Where to find exotic weapons in Fortnite

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Exotic weapons are the best you can get in Fortnite and as part of the Week 2 challenges, you'll need to find one and wield it against opponents. Exotics can be purchased from NPCs found in specific locations around the battle royale map for a certain amount of Gold Bars, which you can earn from eliminations, chests, ATMs and by completing bounties. There are six exotics in Fortnite right now, so here's where to find them. 

Where to find exotic weapons

Exotic weapons have specific attributes that make them better than the rest and used properly will surely help you towards a lofty Victory Royale. Finding the NPCs that dish them out is easy enough, but what's not easy is gathering Gold Bars. Each Exotic weapon costs 400 Gold Bars, so you'll want to complete bounties and raid cash registers and ATMs to find them.

There are different types of exotics, such as sniper rifles and pistols, so let's take a look at all the Fortnite exotics and where to find them.

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  • Night Hawk revolver: Can be bought from The Origin and Brianiac in the north of Sanctuary and south of The Joneses. 
  • Shadow Tracker pistol: Can be bought from Metal Team Leader and Cuddlepool at Camp Cuddle. 
  • Marksman six shooter: Can be bought from Cuddle Team Leader and Quackling at Camp Cuddle. 
  • The Dub: Can be bought from Ludwig, Mullet Marauder and Jonesy the First at The Joneses. 
  • Storm Scout sniper rifle: Can be bought from The Scientist, The Foundation and The Imagined at Synapse Station, Sanctuary and Seven Outposts 3, 4 and 5. 
  • Boom sniper rifle: Can be bought from The Visitor, Peely and Agent Jones found at Launch Pad Island, Daily Bugle and Seven Outposts 1 and 2. 

Once you've bought an exotic weapon, all you need to do is deal 150 damage to an opponent to complete the Week 2 challenge. 

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