Where to find Deadpool floaties on the yacht in Fortnite

fortnite deadpool floaties
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Week 2 of Fortnite's third season is here, and even though this season seems all about the Fortnite Aquaman skin, we've got more Deadpool challenges to complete if you want extra XP: this time, it's finding Fortnite Deadpool floaties.

One week 2 challenge tasks you with finding three Deadpool floaties on the Yacht, which after the climactic flood of season 2 is now pretty worse for wear. It's a big boat, though, which means you'll need some help finding them.

The yacht has been moved to the north/center-north area of the map. You'll recognize it from the various Deadpool insignias all around. Once you're there, here's where to look.

Fortnite Deadpool floatie locations

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1: At the very top floor of the yacht (right behind the Deadpool balloon) you'll find a room with a painting of Deadpool wearing a Jacobean-style ruff (the puffy white neck thing aristocrats would've worn). The floaty is in the corner of the room.

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2: Head out the north door from that first floaty and drop down to the first Deadpool umbrella a floor or two below. The floaty is right underneath it.

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3: Further south on the yacht, you'll see a large orange shipping container. Inside is a couch, bed, and loot chest. The floaty is right in front of the bed.

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